USB Net Serial Console

The USB Net Serial Console will allow you to interact with the robot's Linux Operating System via a telnet program. This includes Windows drivers and all files needed for use on the robot.

Some newer versions of the RSMedia robot have a feature called USBNet which many have found to be mysterious, since the user's manual on page 37 says it is to connect to a network. Then you have to go to the Games menu to activate it. It will prompt you to unplug the USB cable from the computer, then plug it back in, pressing the select button each time you connect or disconnect.

This has led some of us to believe that this could be a way to get access to the linux operating system within the bot. However, while working to this end, we've discovered that the USBNet feature is more than likely geared towards allowing some Java games to access the Internet connection of a computer you hook the robot up to. I had come across a couple Java games (I forgot what ones now) that ran on the RS Media but were looking to connect to the Internet and thus wouldn't go any further. I was thinking of getting a wifi USB dongle to get the RS Media to connect to the internet, but in investigating the files on the robot, it might not be possible to do it this way. Seems the only way would be a connection via USB cable directly to a computer with internet access.

From what we have seen, the RSMedia will start up a ppp daemon (server) in linux to handle Internet protocols via USB port. The mx1ads_usbserial.o module is loaded after unloading the standard usb module. In VMWare, the USB port is then identified as a Motorola Semiconductors HK USB Device. The port's Vender ID (VID) is 0x0425 and the Product ID (PID) is 0x00A0. This gave us enough to at least detect if it's connected using the LibUsb-Win32 library. You can find the documentation to this version of the library here. With this information, you can create a driver that will load in Windows, and be linkable to other programs.

The USBNet Driver Development is part of the RS Media Robot Development Kit. This includes the latest developments and code for the USBNet development. Also included is a USBNet Console which you can use to connect to the robot's Linux operating system using a Telnet Client. Please check the RSMedia Development Kit page for more information.

Note that the libusb driver might even work in Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Please note that this is in beta test phase, and may or may not work.