The RS Media Robot is a fully programmable "walking, talking Linux box" as creator Mark Tilden calls it. This robot is capable of many moves and responses, takes videos and pictures, plays music, and comes with several personalities. You can also program it as well as create your own personalities. And that is just with the RS Media Suite that comes with the system. However, many have found this hard to use. Some are looking into other ways to program the RS Media. The RS Media Macro Editor is one such project. The robot also uses Java and some are exploring that option. There used to be a Java SDK but that is no longer legally available and at the time it was being distributed, it still wasn't quite finished.

The RS Media Development Kit is another system that is far more technical and geared towards those with previous Linux experience, or those that want to get their feet wet in the very technical aspects of the RS Media robot. This system consists of contributions from Nocturnal, H. McDonald (aka "helibot") over on the Unofficial RoboSapien Hacks and Mods Forum and others. It also includes some of my own research. This is an ongoing project, so use at your own risk.